The Art of Framed Photography

Framefox interviews the talented Claire Darwish of Cedar Photography to find out the real recipe for turning family photos into framed memorable art pieces. 

Introduce Yourself… 

Hi there! I’m Claire, a wife and a mum to 2 boys. I’m plant, coffee and all things beige obsessed! I’m all about being a positive influence in this world, spreading genuine kindness and encouragement is what fills my cup.

Describe your photography style…

 I’d describe my style as dark, earthy and moody. There’s loads of emotional connection in my images. My end goal for the photos is to not just be a photo to cherish as a memory, but to double as artwork to blow up large on a wall.

Cedar Photography Framed Maternity Photo

Do you have any tips for framed photography?

Choosing the right photo to frame can be such a personal process. I can’t tell you which photo is the one, but you should ask yourself a couple of questions. Here’s some questions to help guide you…

  1. What size will your framed photo be? And what room will it be hung in? You’ll want to choose something that suits the scene
  2. Are you wanting to showcase your family (close up)? Or are you wanting to have artwork on the wall with your family included (distance shot with a scene on display)?
  3. Consider the colour of the frame and the colours in the image before making your final choice

Your ability to capture candid shots is extraordinary! What’s your secret?

Candid is such a tricky element, and it can be a bit of a scary concept to try and capture. I give clients some gentle direction and then allow for their real moments to happen in between. It’s these in between moments that I capture and what makes all of my sessions bespoke and unique.

Framed Photography Cedar Photographer

Any framed photography trends you are loving right now? 

I’m a minimalist at heart and a sucker for a large framed print hung on a wall. Having one image printed large and the centrepiece of a wall reflects my style well. Framed art with a bold presence creating a mood.

Wood Frame Photography
Hazel Frame

Do you have tips for others wanting to capture great family photography? 

For me, the trick to an impressive image is lighting. For indoors, I’ll have my clients hovering next to a window with light coming in and laying on one side of their face, and a shadow darkening the other side. This adds so much mood and depth to an image. For outdoors, I’ll aim to capture this in a similar way.It’s super important to find a photographer you love, not only for their style but for who they are. Vibing with your photographer is essential to capturing beautiful moments. I always recommend having a search on Instagram, using hashtags or location tags and having look down the list. There are so many wonderful photographers with unique styles, there absolutely is someone for everyone.

Do you have any styling tips for people getting family photos done?

What you wear to a session can make or break an image. I always recommend neutral and earthy tones. Beige colours are my absolute favourite, with a linen or knit texture. My biggest no no, is to not dress your entire family the same (eg white top and blue jeans). This styling is super outdated and takes away from the natural feel of my photography.

Cedar Photography AU Photographer

What’s your favourite thing about being behind the lens?

Being welcomed into a families inner circle for a moment is such an honour! I meet so many families from all walks of life and capturing such intimate moments is so special. Seeing the beautiful in between moments that are filled with love is such an emotional experience, being such an empathetic person, I feel every single moment. It’s an incredible and powerful thing to see.

How do you bring photography into your home and interior style?

Photos should be art work, not just a photo. I’ll always consider the space and the rooms decor before adding in a print. Lastly it’s about creating spaces that are warm and inviting, using my images to enhance this vibe.

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Image credit: A Cedar Photography shoot of a beautiful mum-to-be from a sunset session in the Yarra Valley. 
“A hilarious truth about this is that hubby really didn’t want to be there (they rarely are the ones choosing to come haha). After some gentle posing prompts, their real emotional connection was on full display for my lens to see. Before we headed off to finish the session, we spotted the moon. It would have been rude not to add it in! Such a powerful combo, the bump and moon, pure magic.”