Photographing Mothers…

Framefox interviews talented Family and Lifestyle Photographer, Golden Nest Photography, and finds out her talent for helping to get Mother’s in front of the camera and getting those frame worthy photographs. 

Meet Golden Nest Photography…

Golden Nest Photography Framefox

My name is Fernanda but please call me Nanda. I am originally from Brazil and Australia has been my home since 2008. 
Photography has always been important to me and my family., My mom has always collected hundreds of photo books. . 

One of the things I love the most about Golden Nest Photography is I can spend hours sitting and looking looking at photographs and getting to know the story behind each image. It’s incredible how an image can bring you back in time of a moment captured.

My style of photography is very natural, casual and relaxed. I love the raw moments, the real connection and true love. I think this is the magic about my work. 

My favourite thing about being behind the lens is to be able to capture people’s love and connection. And sometimes Yes I do get emotional to see so much beauty and love. It’s beautiful and I’m very grateful to capture those moments and memories that will be alive forever.

Capturing Frame Worthy Photographs

I think the secret is to connect well with the people you are shooting. So when we first meet it doesn’t feel awkward. It feels like we’ve known each other for a little while. So they feel comfortable in my presence. All I love is my clients to be themselves. During my sessions I bring a lot of conversation and interaction. I love to know their story, how they met, how long they have been together, about their pregnancy, birth, about their kids personalities and so on. When kids are involved I call my session a play date. As kids get bored sitting and posing. So that’s why I love interaction. That’s how life is isn’t it? 

My biggest tips to others wanting to capture great photos, especially of Mother’s, are to always get the best light possible, golden hours are the best in my opinion, sunrise or sunset. And it’s very important to connect with your client, before the session, during and after.  

The result? You’ll end up with relaxed, natural, and candid photos worthy of framing. My tips to others that are looking for the right photo frame is always invest in a good quality one, that will protect your images and so will last a long time. 

Styling tips for people getting their family photos…

I love to build my client wardrobe with options for women. I love plain dresses, whites, sand, earthy colours; these never go out of fashion.To the partners and kids I give suggestions to complement each other’s clothes rather than just matching.
Patterns often go out of fashion and also bring too much attention to people’s eyes. 

Framed Photographs Online Framing

One of the photo frames I’m loving right now is from Framefox, the quality is amazing. I love the Gallery Walls which comes with an arrangement of framed photos that makes it too easy to hang it by ourselves. And they are a conscious business. One tree planted for every product they sell!!! 

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