Maternity Photo Tips

There’s some fundamental photography hacks you need to know when embarking on a pregnancy shoot. Here are some key maternity photo tips from photographers who know how to make you look and feel your best…

Maternity Photo: Pose Tip

Maternity Photo Frame Photography Framing

Help the mum-to-be feel empowered with some power poses. Comfort, and natural are always key. But hands on the belly and/or hips is a perfect pose option. Been arms and legs will help the limbs look more flattering. If posing feels awkward walk and talk and take candid photos from the side. You don’t always need to be looking directly into the camera to get the best shots. 

Maternity Photo: Angle Tip

Chances are you are already conscious of how big you are feeling before you even stand in front of the lens. So, ensure the best angle of the baby bump by shooting on the side. Avoid shooting directly straight-on – this is likely to not make for a flattering finish. Even better, take the photo from a higher angel if you can! 

Maternity Photo: Lighting Tip

Maternity Photo Frame Photography Framing

Natural light is the most flattering light. Outdoor shoot locations make lighting easy, plus you get a natural backdrop. If you can time your photos for the ‘golden hour’. The first hour before sunset, and the hour before sunrise. The result, a golden glow that will have your mum-to-be feeling the pregnancy glow! Photos taken in the golden hour always look nest when printed and framed. If you are inside, simply position the Mother next to a window for natural light. 

Maternity Photo Frame Photography Framing

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