2021 Top Interior Trends

So, if theres one thing that 2021 is already getting right, its style and trends. What’s become known as ‘Cottagecore’ the trends this year are focused around a return to the simple elegance of living in harmony with nature. Think fashionable farming life. Dried flowers, warm and welcoming earth tones, wooden frames, and décor that offers a sense of rustic vogue. And one thing is for sure, the Cottagecore movement is all about a way of life rather than what’s on trend. 2021, the year of elegant simplicity. 

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Cottagecore Comfy Chic

With so many of us having spent decent chunks of 2020 in our homes there has been a rise in people focusing their time on interior design that doesn’t just look good, but feels good too. Making the home comfortable and inviting with plush cushions, throws, alluring bookshelves, and the kind of furniture you want to kick off your shoes and sink your soul into. Vogue went as far as to call 2021 the year of “fluffy towels and luxurious candles.” Style you can snuggle into.

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Cottagecore Natural Framed Drawings

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Biodiversity Heritage Library

Heritage nature illustrations are in! They are an ideal wall art addition in Cottagecore styling. The Biodiversity Heritage Library has a image library full of stunning natural drawings. And the best part, they are both free to use and download. Making them print-ready to frame or create your own Cottagecore gallery wall.

Frames, dried flowers and Foliage

Cottagecore décor is about brining natural warmth into the home. Vintage photos of loved ones elegantly framed in warm walnut woods. Dried herbs and flowers dotted throughout the home to offer scents of lavender and rosemary. And rich foliage to help invite the sense of fresh country air into the home. 

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Frames gained growing interest across 2020, seeing the rise of the gallery wall. And in 2021, they have become a dynamic design feature. Nearly every household are exploring gallery walls because of their fun and stylish layouts for exhbiting family photos or wall art. Framefox offers a range of gallery wall options that include mix-match frames, grid galleries, and stacked gallery wall choices.

Whimsical Styling 

Nature illustrations, vintage lace and tablecloths, bespoke ceramics, embroidery art pieces, and rustic home-style baking.  So, the slow life of 2020 now means slow is chic. Its on trend to have homemade scones and freshly baked sourdough bread resting on a hand towel on your kitchen bench. It’s all part of the Cottagecore country style charm. 

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