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5 Ways to Breathe Life into Old Photos

It’s time to frame and hang those old forgotten photo memories! Gone are the days of photo albums and envelopes with an overflow of candid holiday snaps and birthday party polaroid’s. Chances are you have a drawer or box full of old photos gathering dust somewhere in your household that could actually be brought to life and utilised as a meaningful mounted wall feature. Framefox has five quick and easy ways to breathe life into those old photos. 

Collage Frames

Framefox Collage Frames Multi Photo frame Australia

Framefox Collage Frames
are the easiest way to create beautiful, ready-to-hang multi photo frames using your own photos. With a variety of layouts and photo spaces Collage Frames are a quick and user friendly solution to bring your forgotten images back to life. 

Caption Frames

Aussie art Byron Bay Travel Poster Caption Frame Framefox

Immortalise a moment with the Framefox Caption Frame. Add your own personalised message to the printing process. A date. A place. A special quote. Add a little caption to turn an old memory into a monument. Ideal as a gift, or memento, Caption Frames are a special way to create a framed personalised gift or treasured moments. 

Gallery Wall 

The Big Mismatch gallery wall gift idea photo wall

Create your own home photo gallery and showcase old images of your family, travels, or holidays – in style. Framefox’s Gallery Walls allows you to effortlessly turn your images into stunning framed arrangements. With a variety of layout options to suit any space, size, or style Framefox guides you through every step of the process, from picking your frames, to uploading your images, you’ll even get a template and how-to guide to step you through the hanging process. And the result? An exhibition of gallery wall images that use to hide away in albums and boxes now on display in pride-and-place. 

Statement Frame

wedding photo frame gallery wall AU print frame images

Have a special family moment? A hero image from your wedding day. Your favourite newborn photo of your little one. Like a rare photo of all your family together, looking at the camera, smiling, and not blinking – it needs a statement frame. Frame your favourite moment online at Framefox and have the handcrafted finished frame delivered to your door ready for you to hang, talk about easy. 

Gallery Shelf 

Framefox gallery wall shelf frame bookshelf styling AU

Flatting or renting and not too keen on taking a nail to the walls. Gallery shelves are a designer’s dream. They allow a gallery wall feel to a book shelf, cabinet top, or ledge without the commitment of hanging. So, mix your favourite images and frames between your books and potted plants to painlessly make old photos part of your new on-trend design styling.