Creative Ways To Add Frames To A Space

Frames are a key constant in interior design. They offer us a creative stage to showcase paintings, portraits, even memorabilia. And although the frame itself is tried-and-tested, how we use them has evolved alongside our interior décor imagination. Need some creative frame inspiration? Framefox has curated some creative and innovative ways to add frames to any space. Proving framing really is the key to showcasing your design creativity. 

Gallery Walls

Put your design skills into play by creating a Gallery wall. Utilise your favourite photos by using different size or styled frames. A gallery wall creates the perfect design mix-match. The result, a stunning photo wall series arrangement that brings a vibrant design element to any space. 

Feel like this level of design DIY is a bit daunting? Framefox’s custom online framing tool makes it easier than ever for you to create Gallery Walls effortlessly online. You’re guided every step of the way. From prompts to pick the gallery wall layout, uploading your images, to using crop and filters. Even the gallery wall hanging process has a template to make it easy and stress free! 

Stacking Frames

Stacking is the new style! Styling a bookshelf or installing floating shelves is a sure way to help bring a pop of art and photography into your home design. The current trend is to see frames purposefully leant against spaces. For example, stacked frames in front of each other on hall tables and shelves to create a clean sense of chaotic style. This is an ideal design decision for those not wanting to nail into the wall. Stacking frames offers you the ability to display your framed pieces in a stylistic fashion, without the need for commitment.

Image credit: Pottery Barn Stacked gallery wall
Image credit: Pottery Barn

Themed Frames

Theme frames have never been more popular. Wither it be a colour scheme. A style theme. Even a narrative, theme frames can bring a whole room to life. Think of this as a creative way of showcasing a collection of art pieces or photographs. Subsequently, as your collection grows so do your gallery walls.

Similarly, theme frames are also a clever way of incorporating subtle pops of colour into a minimalist space, or weaving in under-tones into a rooms design.

Framefox gallery wall Yellow living room interior

Keepsake Frames

Wither it be a letter from a passed love, an old family recipe, or using luxury framing to showcase dried flowers from special occasions. Keepsake framing is a special way of turning cherished family moments into memorabilia. Like framed memories of special days, people, or places. For instance, Framefox’s Caption Frames are a clever way to add a narrative to a frame. With an option to upload your image and add a caption to the printing and framing process. Making a keepsake has never been so simple!

Caption Frames Gift ideas frame fox picture frame

Mixed Media and Frames

For the more daring designer who wants to create a statement gallery of creative frames try a mixed media approach. This is a creative style solution to showcase a variety of pieces. And, the ultimate style solution for those with eclectic taste.

Add travel sculptures, art, framed photography of your travels. Even framed post cards or prints, woven baskets, and tribal masks. Importantly, the mixed media approach can really create an exhibition experience for those gracing its presence. Ideal for those seeking variety with frames and style.

Image credit: Domino Mag - Instagram mixed media gallery wall
Image credit: Domino Mag

In conclusion, the creative avenues for frames are endless. They are an expression. A design signature. A window to your imagination. Most importantly, they are an easy style element to bring character and charm to any space. And, as you begin to explore the world of frames, you’ll soon discover the only limit is your interior and style creativity.

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