Interior Designers You Need To Know

Framefox rounds up some leading interior designers that know the art of styling with decor. From statement art, framed pieces, to antique decor. These trending designers will leave you inspired. From the UK, Australia, to NZ here are some of the leaders in home styling that know a thing about how to transform a space…

Tamsin Johnson, AUS Designer

Tamsin Johnson AU Interior Designers
Tamsin Johnson

Designer Tamsin Johnson style can be defines as “refined yet relaxed aesthetic, her expert eye, and a distinct flair for combining pieces from across decades and continents to create spaces that are at once beautiful and livable.”

Tamsin Johnson AU Interior Designers


Yellowfox, NZ Interior Design Studio

Yellow Fox Interior Designers NZ

Firstly this team of designers like to use the latest release interior products from their partners to ensure state-of-art style and finishings. Resulting in functional meets flawless styling. Sharing, “we look at each project holistically to match your budget, timeline and lifestyle.”


Studio Iro, UK Interior Designer

Lucy Currell UK Designer
Lucy Currell

Fusion interior design at it’s finest. Lucy Currell brings modernist furniture and contemporary art together to add soul to a space. ‘I would say my designs are very soulful and warm, while remaining visually balanced and calming.’ Statement frames and wall decor are the features of simple yet inviting spaces. 

UK Interior Styling Designer


Studio Peak, UK Interior Designer

Sarah peak UK Interior Designer
Sarah Peak

Looking for interior design than boasts character and charm? Sarah Peak prefers spaces that ‘aren’t overly curated, so they feel as if they’ve been built up organically over time to reflect the personality of the client’. Both decor and framed wall art create character in Peaks designs. 


Nicola Harding, UK Interior Designer 

Nicola Harding Designs
Nicola Harding

Harding’s style is statement frames and feature furniture. And we love it! “Our secret is to focus on things that we love; disregarding trends in favour of quality, craftsmanship and integrity,” she shares. Lastly the result? Unexpected and eclectic spaces that capture your attention in the best way.  



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