Why Candid Photos Are Trending

More photographers are opting for capturing those candid moments over to-camera photo shoots. Why? Many argue they make better framed photos. We get some candid photography tips from some leading photographers and weigh into the candid photo debate. Spoiler, the result is must frame photo results! 

Why Take A Candid Photo?

“When photographing strangers you’re bestowed many plus points: 
Images are considered far more credible the less contrived they are
You have a chance of capturing a moment or feeling in time
Little to almost no post production work is required.”

Robert Bradley, Photodoto
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Candid photos are much better at telling a story. Unlike photos where you look directly into the camera lens a candid shot can show someones personality, and better capture a moment in time. These ultimately make for better memories. Don’t believe us? Here’s what the experts have to say…

Always keep your camera on you. When taking candid images, you must blend in with your surroundings by remaining comfortable with your camera—and the best way to do that is by carrying your camera everywhere.” 

MasterClass Photographer

Wait for the emotion.When you zero in on a person to photograph, don’t simply press the shutter and move on. People will usually smile, laugh or make some other expression if you keep your lens on them for long enough (particularly if they’re interacting with other people).”

Lacey Johnson, Photographer

Frame Your Candid Photo

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Print & Frame

Result? Better photos make for better framed wall art. Quality framed photos make for stunning talking points and framed memories. 

“A frame, which is an element of an image that gives the sense of confining the subject, can direct the eye of the viewer to the intended subject.”

Diane Wehr, Photzy

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