How-to Organise Your Digital Photos

Does the idea of scrolling through your camera roll to pick out frame-worthy digital photos have you sweating? We’ve got some helpful tips to help spring clean your phones many photos. Here’s how-to organise those digital photos…

Organise and frame digital Photos

There’s a saying, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” All those beautiful candid captured moments deserve a more cherished space than hidden amidst your camera roll. Wither it is a album you can easily access, an organised system, or framed and hung pride of place – we have three sure ways to give those memories the attention and value they deserve.

Search and Sweep Your Digital Photos

We’ve all had our phone storage alert us it’s time to delete old photos often resulting in the frantic deletion of memories. Wither you are proactively cleaning up or find your self up against your phones storage a quick fire way to clean up can be using search. Simply tap the search tab and use this to help navigate delete-worthy shots. Search by location, people, or dates.

A great habit to get into is post an event or holiday to comb through your images and cull any photos with poor lighting, that are blurred, or simply aren’r good photos.

Create A Favourite Album

Want to know a hack to make all your favourite photos drop into an album with one tap? Use the heart icon, or star (depending on your phone model/type) and your image will automatically be added to a favourites album. You’re welcome.

Print, Store, and Hang Your Digital Photos

I mean, are you taking stunning photos of the memories you are making just to keep them on your phone. Of course not! Clearing out your phones photos is the perfect time to print and frame those memories. Framefox makes it easy to print and frame your phones photos in a few simple steps. Choose your framing option. Upload your image. Select the size, crop, and filter. Browse through over twenty frame styles. Preview your photos in their new hand-crafted frame, and done! Framefox will print and frame your photo, delivering it direct to your door.

Inspired? Let’s frame those memories >