New Year, New Wall Art

It’s time to refresh those walls. Wither you need to update old art, get new framed photos, or just want a change. Here are some new wall art ideas to explore as you head into 2022. 

Frame A Print

Have a print that you never got around to framing? Order your frame online in minutes. Or if you have a digital print we can print and frame it. Simply upload your art, choose your frame style, mat options and your framed print will arrive direct to your door. You’ll be surprised how adding a new frame to a wall can bring a space to life. 

Framefox Framed Print Wall Art
Art: By Claudia Kozub

Reframe Old Wall Art & Photos

Have some sentimental art pieces that are need of some love? Reframing can revitalise old pieces and work them into your current home decor. 

Framefox Framed Print Wall Art

The same goes for old framed family photos. Refresh those cheered family memories by reprinting and framing them. Make meaningful framed statements with your ancestors and forgotten family photos. 

Framefox Framed Print Wall Art Family Photos Frame

Wall Art Gallery Wall

Ever thought of adding some magic to an exisiting framed piece? Gallery Walls allow you to create your own stunning arrangement of frames for an exhibition feel – now that’s a refresh! 

Add similar art work or themed photography to create a cohesive picture wall. Three frame, five frames, or a grand ten. Framefox’s gallery wall creator allows you to drag and drop prints or photos directly into the layout so you can effortlessly design a gallery wall online in minutes. 

Big Mismatch - Zeppelin Slim_ black frames wall art gallery wall
The Big Mismatch

Ready for a fresh? Let’s frame >

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