Why Big Frames Can Be Better

We all know the saying, go big or go home. Truth is, large frames have a lasting impression. Whether its a family portrait, your favourite print, or a stunning art piece – large scale frames are a powerful way to make a big statement in your home.

Big Frame, Big Statement

Big large frames Feature

The wow factor comes with size, styling, and statements. Sure, a sculpture, grand TV, or designer feature chair can offer you a dramatic centrepiece in a home – but only large frames can tell a story. A moment in a families history. A vintage candid shot. A vibrant original art piece. Your favourite print. Framed statements not only add style, they add character to a space.

Got a large print to frame? Framefox offers a Made-to-Measure service, allowing you to design the perfect frame easily online to fit your piece. Your custom frame is handcrafted in our Melbourne workshop using the highest standard material and practises.

Large Frame Gallery Walls

Gallery Walls not only are a statement within themselves, they also offer a range of frame sizes to showcase various prints or photos. Exhibition style frames offer you a stylish way to tell a story using a series of images. Theme your frames by using images from the same shoot, turning your photos to black and white, or using a consistent colour or backdrop. Weaving this theme into your home decor styling, such a cushions and rugs, using the gallery wall accent colours is a great way to tie large frames into a space.

Shifted Grid Gallery Wall
Triptych Print and Frame Family Photo

Large Frame Styling Tips

Large Frame Styling Tips

Regardless if you choose to hang or lean your frame there are a few styling tips that can help you make it the vocal point of a room. Try to leave the space infant of the frame uncluttered. Bring the frame colour into your decor. This can be achieved by bringing out elements of the framed work into the space. Style with the accent colours or bring out aspects of nature into the space that a mimicked in the piece, use pot plants or dried pieces. For example the framed print shown above is styled with coastal dried tusks, dried weave rattan furnishings, and earthy toned books. These are simple yet stylish ways to showcase your large frame as the feature point of within your space.

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