What people are framing…

We like to keep you up to date with all the latest print and creative framing trends. Sure, there’s the usual family snaps and glam wedding shots we print and frame daily. But there are also illustrations, portraits, image series, and prints. Because there’s so much more to framing than just photos! Here is an insight into all the cool things people are framing with Framefox at the moment…

Minimalist Illustration Trend

Turning family photos into cute illustrations has definitely become a thing. You could say minimalist illustrations have become the new family portrait. Creating your own personal family illustration is a must-have frame trend in every modern family’s home. Framefox can print and frame your illustration for you. Or create a frame for any print you already have. Our Mayfield and Hudson frames offer a natural and modern frame for these stunning illustrations.

Image Series Framing Trends

Triptych The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Frames Frame Photo Picture
Triptych Gallery Wall

Gallery walls and framed photos series are having a very real moment. Creating your own personal exhibition of photography which tell the story of a day, a family, or a holiday is home decor styling as it’s finest. The perfect combination of professional photography. Quality frames. And a statement assortment of size or frame styles make for a very on-trend statement piece in any home.

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Pet Portraits

Similar to the family portrait illustration trend, pet illustrations are also popular. Local business like Oh Barney make the cutest custom art work of your animal companions. Create your own digital file and the Framefox can print and frame these adorable pet portraits for you.

Print and Art Trends

Framefox’s Made-to-Measure service is all about framing the print and art you already have, and it’s proving popular. Because, it’s so easy! Not matter your print size we can custom create the frame you need. And, you can do it all online. So, if you have a print gathering dust under your bed. Or if you are about to hit click on your print cart then we can get to work on the frame for you. And you can upload a picture of your print and preview what it will look like in the frame!

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