Wall Makeover Inspiration

Plain walls got you needing inspiration? You mean, blank canvas! Firstly forget whole room makeovers, sometimes all you need to do for results is transform one wall to reinvigorate a space. Here are some of the trending paint, frame, and current styling tips to deliver some serious wall makeover inspiration. Because your walls deserve better…

Watch @paulpayasalad use Tint Paint and Framefox’s Shifted Grid to Makeover his wall.

Colour Blocking Wall Makeover

Gone are the days of the one colour feature wall. Ever since colour blocking has taken over Instagram. Instead curved arches, circles, and geometric masterpieces are centre stage. This trends has all rules out the window. Commit with paint, or find wall decals to add colour accents and character to your shelves or backdrop for feature furniture. In short, a stunning foundation to layer colour and decor to accent your decal or painted block. Because curved formed colour blocks meeting the sharp straight lines of stacked frames = stunning. 

Gallery Wall Makeover

Gallery Wall Colour Block Painting
Shifted Grid Gallery Wall

Frames are an essential element in any wall makeover. Large statement frame create drama. Smaller frames can be dotted around a shelf to tell a story and add varying heights to styling. However, when it comes to the current queen of frame trends it is the grand Gallery Wall getting the design nods. Picture walls, or as we call them Gallery Walls, are a stunning arrangement of framed photos or prints that create an exhibition feel to a wall. It’s easy to see why these frame layouts are trending. In short, they offer an easy add design element to any wall. 

Gallery Wall Picture Frame paint block
Mismatch Gallery Wall

Shelf Styling Makeover

Frame ledges and wall cubes are an ideal ways to add decor and a sense of style to an otherwise blank wall. Firstly, they offer additional space for decor elements. While secondly providing depth, and layering to a wall. End result, plenty more styling space to help bring your walls to life. And the finish means shelves with serious style. 

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