Top 10 Wedding Photographers

So, you are on the hunt for the best wedding photographers? Firstly, what makes a good photographer? Well, that is all about what you want to capture, and the style you want it captured in. Most importantly, the end result and the beautifully framed wedding photo you want on your wall! Framefox has rounded up a variety of wedding photographers and showcased their styles. Ultimately, you can be the judge.

Madeline Kate – Melbourne 

A photographer with an eye for the action. Madeline captures reactions, fleeting moments, and the connection shared by everyone who shares your special day. In conclusion, ideal if you want the hero shot, a framed wedding photo, of confetti or the mid dance dip. As as wedding photographers go, she’s one of the top!

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Fox and Kin – Mid North Coast

A self-described people watcher. This wedding photographer seeks out the moments amidst the day. A squeeze of a hand, a look, little touches – her lens captures it all. The result, a series of photos worthy of any wedding gallery wall.

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Merge Photography – Perth 

Describing herself as a “moments kid of gal” this wedding photographer has an obsession with non-traditional weddings. Her style? Think natural light, and candid moments capturing connection and natural smiles. Beautiful candid photography that will become your wedding wall art.

Top 10 Wedding photographers Australia best photography wedding photos

Janneke Storm – Sunshine Coast

This wedding photographer will make your snaps from the day look like a magazine feature! Capturing those classic poses, and all those special moments. Ultimately ideal for those seeking to make a wedding gallery wall post the big day. 

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography wedding photos best

Weddings by Sam – Sydney 

Self-confessed sentimentalist this photographer reflects his nature in his shooting style. Shooting every detail from the laughs to the great food. This wedding photographer will ensure images that highlight the energy of the day that you’ll be left framing and placing pride-of-place. 

Sydney best wedding photographers

Nick Skinner Wedding Photographers – Melbourne

A seasoned photographer who describes his style as fun, light, and fluid – ensuring to adapt to your day as it unfolds and constantly chipping away behind the scenes to ensure all elements of your day is captured. The result, superb ‘fly on the wall’ wedding photography. 

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The Love Archives – Gold Coast 

Moody wedding photography has never looked so good. This photographer offers a dreamy, natural, and artistic style which captures wedding photos you will become obsessed with. In short, ones for the wall! In fact, you’ll have so many superb wedding photos you want know what wedding photo to frame

Destination Photographer

Folk and Follow – Sydney 

Poetic photography at its finest. Prided as being “truthful story tellers” this photographer seeks to document moments, un-rushed and with intention. The result, so many stunning moments you’ll be covering your walls with framed wedding photography that beautifully exhibits your wedding day. 

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Lover of Mine – Brisbane

This husband and wife photography duo know a thing about love, and how to capture it. Their images make your wedding day become an everlasting celebration. Photo that are let your day eternally live on. You’ll be sure to want to frame and showcase in your home. 

best Brisbane wedding photographers photography

Flossy Photo – Western Australia Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer with a soft style. Ultimately, Flossy Photo manages to bring out the genuine moments. Photography that documents your day. Images that harness natural light and all your spontaneous events. You’ll be left with moody moments and striking shots from your day. Result, a roll of hero shots. Photography that is very frame worthy! 

Perth Top 10 Wedding Photographers

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