Kids Wall Art, A Guide

Here are some simple and stylish ways to add framed wall art to your kids rooms. From styling tips, framing layouts, and even tips for turning your little ones art projects into their own home exhibits. Ready? Let’s add some playful colour to your kids space…

Kids Wall Art Inspiration

Photography credit: Image 1, Etsy. Image 2, Gallery Wallrus. Image 3, Etsy. 

First stop, inspiration. Browse Pinterest and Etsy for prints and styling guides. Think about the space in your Childs room and what would work best in the space. A picture frame ledge is ideal if you little one has nicknacks and books. Bigger statement pieces or a Gallery Wall are ideal if you have a big wall with empty space. If you are purchasing prints try to create a theme – either by using the same artists or by picking a theme for the frames

Use Your Childs Art As Wall Art

Want to frame your kids original work of art. Easy, create your own Made-to-measure frame online designed to fit your artwork, and frame your art at home. You’ll be sent you everything you need to insert your own artwork. It will only take around 10 minutes…

Frames framing Kids Art

Alternatively, take a photo of the childs artwork means your can print and frame your kids art as many times as you like. Prints even makes a perfect gift option! Framefox will print and frame your kids creation from your image. Simply upload the image on our platform, pick your frame, and we will deliver the finished framed art right to your door step. All prints and frames are handmade from scratch in our Auckland workshop.

Kids Art Framing Frame

Framed Canvas Kids Art

Looking for something chic that adds a splash of colour? Canvas Print and Frame allows you to upload your art work and create your own custom canvas frame. If you are looking for kids wall art to print we recommend exploring Etsy, or local artists that offer prints. 

Canvas Kids Art Rocket

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