Five Inspiring Interior Design Decor Accounts

Need some interior design decor inspiration? Sure, it’s easy to say you are motivated to refresh and style your home but doing it is another matter. You know, you move one thing then you have to move the couch, then the coffee table – next minute what started as a simple refresh turns into a major Feng Shui expedition. 

If you are standing in the middle of a room, hands on hips, feeling a bit overwhelmed at where to start then you’re in the right place. Here are five accounts that will help rouse your home refresh. Accounts that offer practical, trendy, and can-do tips and tricks to help deliver design decor that’s on point. You’re welcome. 

Annette O’Brien

Melbourne based Photographer, Annette O’Brien, offers interior décor inspiration ideal for any pot plant loving, shelf sorting, colour enthusiast.  

Home design decor Anette O'Brien

Quick tip. Clean walls and stacked shelves. 

Tidy a living space with a clean paint finish of white, light dusky pinks or earthy shades or cream and terracotta to modernise a room. Add floating shelves with your favourite reads, house plants, and some of your favourite framed photos to create a mindful stacked space. A simple way to style a shelf. Frames and foliage.

Catherine Heraghity  

This Sydney base designer is a one-stop-shop for design inspiration. She styles, designs, and renovates – ensuring to have some tips and tricks for you no matter your interior project. 

Interior design decor THESTABLES Instagram mood board

Quick Tip. Create a mood board. 

Mood boards offer you insight into how elements will work in a space. The colours, textures, frames, and accents can come together to create a concept you might not have been brave enough to try prior to laying them all down together. You’ll be surprised how you can achieve “understated luxe.”  

Monica Bean Interiors

Sydney based stylist and designer, Monica Bean, offers a less is more approach to home design. Natural wood grains, clean marble, and white walls missed with bold framed art pieces, framed prints and travel photography. Creating minimalist boho chic havens. 

Monica Bean home design decor styling tips

Quick tip. Bring your images to life. 

Grab an element from your wall art or photography and bring it into the room. A colour scheme or an element of nature can help to weave a design theme and inspire your styling in a space. “When styling any interior space, my number one place to start is in the artwork – a bold, big, statement piece can really make an impression and help pull together a cohesive colour palette.” 

Claudia Stephenson Interiors 

This Sydney based interior designer is all about the evolution of taste, moods, and décor. Her motto, impeccably curate, which sums up her Instagram. It offers a dangerous level of styling and design decor inspiration. You’ve been warned. 

Claudia Stephenson Interior design decor tips and styling

Quick tip. Reframe old treasures. 

Retro images, record cover art work, vintage prints are a fun way to add some character to a space. Reframing the pieces in luxury frames can transform them into powerful statement pieces. Clean white or wooden frames that tie into the décor become must-haves in every space.  

Anna Spiro Design

An interior designer turn textile guru, Anna Spiro has studios in both Queensland and Victoria as well as a shop fuelled by stripes, florals, and vivid colour ensuring your décor is anything but boring. 

Anna Spiro Home design

Quick tip. Make an interior fun by adding colour, island themes, or wall accents that offer candid character and charm. Don’t be afraid to tell stories by creating Gallery Walls and insights into the lives of the people who live in the space. Let your wall art bring a sense of energy into the room.