Picture Ledge Frame Styling

Adding a Picture Ledge to your home can be both practical and stylish. They create order to your frame styling. And, offer a fun floating platform to add colour, foliage, and texture to a space. Here Framefox has rounded up the best in picture ledge and frame styling…

You only have to scroll through Pinterest to see how popular Picture Ledges have become…

Between Instagram reels, and Pinterest you would have spotted Picture Ledges as a popular trend for displaying and styling frames. Done well, these ledges can become a stunning feature to any home. They offer flexibility in the number of frames you display and how you display them. Ideal for those among us who are noncommittal about nailing into walls.

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As with anything, quality makes the results. We recommend using a premium finish ledge, and hand-crafted frames to ensure a beautiful finish all-round.

Picture Ledge Inspiration

One thing when it comes to home styling is true. Every home needs wall art. With picture ledges you have a space to show-off your meaningful paintings, prints, and photographs. Ledges allow for layering. Make sure to explore different frame sizes, colours, and textures. A key styling tip, personalise it. Add memories, nostalgic prints, and moving art pieces to style the ledge so it stirs the onlooker.

In bedrooms we recommend a ‘less is more’ approach to picture ledge frame styling. Instead, choose striking prints or portraits to let the art really be a feature. Picture Ledge headboards offer a stylish shelf to lean frames and rest pot plants.

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