Meet Guy Needham, An Indigenous Tribes Photographer

Here at Framefox we are inspired by some of the stunning photography we get to print and frame. So much so, we want you to see some of the talent and photography we are privileged to see and work with. Like the striking portraits from talented indigenous tribes photographer Guy Needham. We interviewed Guy to hear his tales from his photography travels. Here’s is what he had to share…

Introduce Yourself 

I’m Guy Needham. A photographer who spends time with indigenous tribes around the world that are largely untouched by Western Society.

What’s your photography style?

My photographic style is quite pared-down. Often the simplicity of my images belie the complexity of the people I photograph.

Your portraits tell a story, can you share one of your favourite shots and the story behind the image? 

One of my favourite shots is a portrait of Aman Ipai, one of the Mentawai tribesmen I stayed with in Indonesia. After days of convincing, he finally let me take his photo in the doorway of his uma (longhouse) using only natural light to frame his generous pose. To me, it personifiers his simple way of life. I like how it uses contrast in a wider sense to echo the differences between their uncluttered lives and our materialistic ones.  

Meet Guy Needham, An Indigenous Tribes Photographer
Portrait of Aman Ipai

What has been a highlight in your career to date….

I think winning a National Geographic Travel photo contest is up there. Along with having my own exhibitions in Barcelona and Athens.

Your skill for capturing the character of a person is breathtaking. Do you have any tips for portrait photography you could share? 

The main advice I would give is, get to know your subject as well as you can before pushing the shutter. The more you ask about their lives and share of yours, the more trusting and relaxed they will be – and it will show through in your images too.

Where to next for Guy Needham Photography?

This year I’ve got delayed exhibitions planned for Berlin and Melbourne. Plus, once I’m COVID-19 vaccinated I’m off to Angola to go exploring with tribes again.

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