Get The Soft Decor Look

Soft decor is the key to creating a truly calming and welcoming home style. From colours, decor trends, to picture frame styling tips we have all the must-have’s to help get the look. 

Softened Styling

To soften the styling within a space try to add natural textures and elements into your styling. Linens and wool throws partnered with warm dried flowers and woods. A soft decor favourite is the Framefox Mayfield light oak picture framePrint and frame a natural abstract or landscape to help soften the mood in a space. Textured prints and framed canvas are a popular way to achieve this. 

Soft Decor textured print framed art
Mayfield Frame

Soft styling is truly creating a a style that allows you to slow down. Comfortable furnishings, linens, and decor that mimic the natural world are soft decor essentials. 

Soft Decor Colours 

Soft Decor Colour Paint Tint

Feminine and natural soft colour palettes offer depth and warmth to your walls. Ideal for feature walls or to give a living space it’s own soft touch. Try to use two compliment colours within a space and weave the colour palette into the paint and featured framed wall art

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