Get the Look: Luxe Decor Edition

Inspired by some of the Instagram’s top designers and stylists we list out how to you can get their decor look. The ultimate looks for luxe decor…

Dot+Pop Minimal Contemporary Decor

Dot+Pop Framefox Frames Picture Wall
Instagram Dot+Pop

Looking for timeless minimal decor? Get the Dot+Pop decor look. The Australian interior, design, and architecture specialist explains, “We design our own homes to have a pared-back interior aesthetic. This highlights and compliments the use of natural materials such as timber and stone which we favour throughout our builds. I would like to think that our styling is timeless, contemporary, and reflects us and our family,” Eve Gunson of Dot+Pop. Here are some minimal contemporary decor tips…

  • Keep a neutral and natural colour palette
  • Choose Scandinavian decor pieces. Light oak picture frames and white accent pieces. 
  • Statement frames with earthy or abstract wall art. 
  • Choose curated curves. “Organic shapeshave made a comeback.” 
  • Luxury textiles such as velvet in deep berries, olive and greyadd depth and an element of luxe decor. 
Dot+Pop Home Luxe Decor Interior
Instagram Dot+Pop

Evie Kemp Maximalist Decor

Evie Kemp Luxe Decor Framefox
Instagram Evie Kemp

Dial up your colour palette and maximise your style with Evie Kemp’s vibrant luxe decor approach. Think mixed textiles, curated framed art prints, patterns, and colour – of-course. The result? Vibrant interiors that ooze character and flair. This Kiwi artist, designer, and self-confessed maximalist Evie Kemp doesn’t believe in ‘too much’. She shares, “I believe that every person is the best designer for themselves. Because in learning to truely decorate your home for you and your family, you’ll discover a whole new level of comfort and joy.” Here are some maximalist decor tips…

  • Fearlessly share your personal style in your space.
  • Create decor combinations. Mix stripes and florals. Animal and geometric. 
  • Create a mood board with your colours and decor combination.
  • Forget subtracting decor, think adding decor it instead.
  • Got wall space? Add framed art or a gallery wall.
  • There’s no such thing as ‘too much’ decor.
  • Lastly stretch your colour boundaries.

Benedict Winter Classical Decor

Don’t mistake classical decor for dated. In fact it is timeless. London based artist and interiors expert Benedict Winter proves this with elegant inspired traditional styling. Depicting classic luxe decor through pieces that bring richness to a space. Antiques. Vintage frames. The Victorian collectors items. Here are some classical decor tips…

  • Rich Woods. Deep walnuts and earthy tones in picture frames and furniture.
  • Focus on symmetry and vocal points with your decor.
  • Classic well-made furniture, look for decor with detailed features.
  • Curated placement. Mirror decor pieces in a space, like matching lamps. Working in pairs is a good rule of classical decor.
  • Lastly cohesive Wall Art. Choose frames of a similar size of style. Or curate art by the same artist or of the same theme for classic statement frames or picture walls.

So there you have it! Three unique luxury decor styles that each offer a different take on luxe styling. Inspired? We figured as much. 

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