Decor Styling Tips From Leading Interior Designers

Want to know the secret to timeless living room design and decor styling? We talk with some of Australasia’s leading stylists who let us in on interior design must-know decor secrets. 

Quick-Fix Decor Styling

Kurio Interior Design shares, “There aren’t any hard and fast rules as such, but there are guidelines that work time and time again to create a really successful interior space.” 

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For a quick fix or refresh, it could be as simple as re-jigging the layout of existing furniture pieces. Because makes you appreciate your room from a whole new perspective. Get around to hanging that beloved framed artwork, switching out the cushions on your sofa, adding a new lamp or oversized vase of flowers on a sideboard, changing the colour tone/temperature of your recessed downlights … just to name a few!

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Decor Mood Board Styling

Lucy Montgomery shares, “I think it’s less about trends as it is about having a constantly. Growing mood board filled with visual material that reaches back through history and across various cultures. I think these pieces are timeless and sit beautifully within a variety of interior schemes so they avoid being overly ‘trendy’.” 

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Start with Art Styling

Monica Bean Interiors shares her tips for where to start! “When styling any interior space, my number one place to start is in the artwork. A bold, big, statement piece can really make an impression and help pull together a cohesive colour palette.”

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Wall Art Styling

Catherine Heraghty of The Stables share, Once you have your main pieces of furniture locked in, you should then choose your framed artwork. This will set the style of accessories that you buy for your living space as well as the colour. Choose artwork that you connect with…Don’t go for something just because you saw it on Instagram, try and find meaning in it and you will always have a relationship with it!

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