Tips To Style Your Family Photo Shoot

We get some tips from family photographers on how to get the best look in your next family photo shot. From what to where, to where to do the shoot. Here are some top tips to help style your next family photo shoot…

Family Photo Tip #1: Coordinate Colours

Family Photo Photography

Think less matchy-matchy and more along the lines of a tone theme. Mix up shades of the same palette, and clothing textures. This helps to create harmony in the photo and be less of a distraction once it is framed. Meaning everyone looks at your happy faces instead of patterns or clashing colours in a photo. It seems small, bit it can have a huge impact to your finished family photos. 

Family Photo Tip #2: Scenery With Style

Family Photo Shoot Styling

Choosing a place for your family shoot with lots of natural light and natural beauty is essential. The beach, fields, even your own garden. Not only does it give space for the little ones to play between photos, it also can help bring another level of character to your photos. Go an extra step and try to choose clothing choices that complement your scenery. You can even design a frame to match your photo theming. 

Framed Family Photo

Family Photo Tip #3: Be Playful

The best photos are those candid moments that capture the personalities within the family. Laughing, joking, moving, dancing, and playful moments make the best memories. Forget smiling at the camera, just play! 

Family Photo Shoot Photography

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