A Guide To Photo Editing Apps

So, you have some photos that need some polishing. Don’t download Photoshop just yet. All you need is a photo editing app. And, lucky for you, we have your guide to the best photo editing apps on offer. A list of easy-to-use and mobile-friendly apps that turn your photo roll into professional, frame worthy shots. Because let’s be honest, you only want the best photos framed!

Free Photo Editing Apps


This is hands down the best photo filter app on the market. And, the bonus, it’s free. VSCO offers all the basic editing tools, contract, fade, saturation, exposure – allowing you to add some depth to your photos. Result, images that pop on your wall. A practical and easy to use photo editing app.


Another free photo editing app, only Snapseed offers more of a precise, and professional offering. With 29 tools and filters, including: healing, brush, structure, HDR, and perspective – you can easily add some serious va-voom to your photos. And with an autocorrect feature, this app is pretty fool proof.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express offers you an ‘easy-to-use digital studio’. All the bells and whistles of the previously mentioned photo editing apps, only this app allows for adding of text and imaging. Ideal for those looking to layer their imagery and get more creative.

Adobe Lightroom

An ideal editing app for beginners. Adobe Lightroom offers a one-tap feature that automatically enhances your photos. Result, a mobile editing app that totally removes all the guess work out of editing. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Premium Photo Editing Apps


Looking for something a bit more creative? Superimpose is the ultimate photo artists app. Letting you create artistic double exposure, surreal or just fun juxtaposed photos. As far as apps go, this one is pretty advanced. Conclusion, ideal if you need complex blending or layering from an app.


Camera+ allows you a one-stop-editing-shop. Within the app you can both shoot and edit. User friendly for both beginners and advanced users the app has all advanced shooting modes. As well as all the basic editing tools and covers everything from stabilisation to cropping. Result, sharp photos with professional clarity.