How-to Create A Wedding Gallery Wall

Have too many stunning wedding photos from your special day that you’re struggling to decide on which ones to print and frame? Good news, you can pick a bunch! Framefox has a variety of wedding gallery wall layouts. Design your own wedding picture wall in a few minutes online. Just follow these steps…

Wedding Gallery Wall Layouts

Choosing the right Gallery Wall is all about picking a layout and frame style that suits your home and styling. There’s a Gallery Wall option to fit any size wall be it an entranceway, hallway, or large living area. For instance, if you have a small space the Mismatch or Petite Grid Gallery Walls are ideal as they offer multiple frames in a compact layout.

Want to create your wedding photography into a image series picture wallTriptych Gallery Walls offer you a trilogy of picture frames to tell a story using three hero images from your special day. The half size bottom-weighted mat results in a striking finish. Triptychs work particularly well with black and white photos. Choose from classic black or white frames, or a wood grain for a more modern look.

Wanting to really showcase the magic of your big day? Create an exhibition and really capture the emotion and little moments that made the day memorable with the Big Mismatch Gallery Wall. Ten frames offer you space to really tell your story. 

Wedding Gallery Wall How-To Guide Picture Walls Big Mismatch
The Big Mismatch Gallery Wall

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