How-to Create a Nursery Picture Wall

Wanting to add some wall art to your children’s room or nursery? We’ve got tips from where to find cute wall art to how-to create your own nursery picture wall. Here are some key style and design tips to create stunning wall art for your Nursery…

Nursery Picture Wall Layouts

Nursery Picture Wall gallery wall photo
Framefox The Big Mismatch Gallery Wall

Picture walls, or as we call them Gallery walls, are the current ‘it’ must have in every nursery. We’ve all seen them! Three frame series, Triptychs, of beautifully illustrated animal prints. Mix-match frames dotted across a wall showcasing ultrasounds, pregnant bellies, and newborn feet. Choosing the right frame layout for your nursery can be both exciting and daunting. First, pick the space you want to put your wall art. Then you can explore frame layout options depending on the size of your space. For instance, smaller spaces are ideal for Framefox’s Petite Grid gallery wall as these can be hung in a grid or stacked down a wall vertically. While a larger space is ideal for a three frame Triptych series or a Mismatch gallery wall

Nursery Picture wall gallery photo frames
Framefox Triptych Gallery Wall

Theme Your Frames

Pick prints or photos that are going to set the mood and theme to your nursery. For example, pick prints with subtle colours that you can add to the styling of the room in cushions, throws, or cuddly toys. Check out our previous blog about great spot to find high quality free prints. Black and white photography in classic black or white frames, or Framefox’s natural Mayfield light oak wood finish or handcrafted museum quality frames which mean your frames won’t date in style or finish. So as your child grows you can update the gallery wall with them. Either change out the photos, or add more frames to the wall to create a feature wall of stunning framed photo moments of your little ones journey through life. 

Nursery Grid picture wall art decor
Framefox Petite Grid Gallery Wall

How-to Hang Your Frames

All of our Framefox frames come with the hanging hardware already fixed to the frame so you know the frame fixing is good quality and secure. If you need a step-by-step guide in how-to hang your frames explore our blog.

To ensure the quality of your prints or photography last try not to hang the wall art directly in the sun. If you have a light room Framefox offers non-reflective glass which reduces the glare on your finished frame. 

Tip: Keeping you and your frames safe are important to us. Here are some safety tips we thought were worth sharing.