Gallery Walls

What’s Your Gallery Wall Style?

Regardless of your interior design vision is grand or petite, or your space to play with is narrow or towering – finding the right gallery wall to suit your style can be quite the inspiring challenge. Here at Framefox we believe framing should be simple and beautiful – including the process to pick, create, and hang. We have rounded up 8 stunning gallery wall styles to help you with your gallery wall inspiration. And the best part, Framefox can also easily create these for you. Here’s to being inspired!

Shifted Grid Gallery Wall

shifted grid gallery wall frame style options

Featuring four frames, this is the perfect gallery wall design if you live in an apartment or are looking to add some wall art to an office space. This gallery layout looks great next to a window or a tall piece of furniture such as a book shelf. The best thing about Shifted Grid is its the perfect way to get started if creating framed wall art seems overwhelming.

Petite Grid

grid gallery wall layout photo series frames framed wall art framing
Petite Grid

This clean and classic style of gallery art is a elegant way to showcase a series of framed photos or framed prints in your home. The Petite Grid squares can be easily added to any entrance way or hallway and allows for a subtle yet striking wall art feature.

The Long One

AU Long Gallery Wall framed photo wall art design wall decor hanging art

Wanting to exhibit a special event or photo series pride-of-place? The Long One is an easy way to showcase your favourite moments in one clean and stunning line-up. The perfect five frame gallery to feature above the couch or along a hallway way.

Mismatch Gallery Wall

Mismatch frame sequence gallery wall style

Looking for a gallery design with style? The Mismatch is a fun mix of different sizes and frame styles resulting in an eclectic look that you can add to over time. Choose from classic black or white frames, a wood grain for a more modern look, or a natural mix for an eclectic feel.

Mini Grid

mini grid gallery wall framed photo series hang art wall decor design

One of the most popular ways to showcase framed photos in a home is the Mini Grid. Creating a elegant exhibit feel this nine frame gallery is a favourite for those looking to frame a handful of favourite family moments or art pieces. And, if your walls allow you to, you can always add more frames over time!


Triptych three frame gallery wall wall art how-to hang guide

The popular Triptych styles also now come in half or full size options. Triptychs are a stylish three-frame same sized gallery layout. A great way to frame similar images, for example a series of travel photographs. The half size bottom-weighted mat results in a striking finish. Triptychs work particularly well with black and white photos. Choose from classic black or white frames, or a wood grain for a more modern look.

Triptych Upright

Triptych Upright, an evolution of our popular Triptychs, are a stylish three-frame same sized gallery layout for portrait images. A great way to frame similar images, for example a series of travel photographs. The full size offers a clean mat border for a traditional finish. 

The Big Mismatch

Big Mismatch - Zeppelin Slim_ black frames wall art gallery wall

Gallery wall styling at its best. Why not go all out with our most impressive gallery on offer? The Big Mismatch contains a range of different frame styles and sizes for a more eclectic look.

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