Gallery Walls

Introducing, Square Grid

Meet our new Gallery Wall, the stunning new Square Grid. The newest addition to the Framefox Gallery Wall collection. 

Square Grid Gallery Wall

Square Grid Gallery Wall
A six-frame same size square gallery layout. 

This grand grid gallery wall is a stunning way to display a series of holiday photos or your favourite Instagram snaps. Perfect for above the couch or down your hallway, and ideal for high stud walls. Choose from classic black or white frames, or a wood grain for a more modern look. 

Our Other Grid Gallery Walls

Grid photo walls are very much here to stay. They offer a elegant display to showcase your most cherished memories. Customise the grids with art prints, black and white photographs, or your favourite holiday snaps. Here are some of our other grid layouts worth checking out…

grid gallery wall layout photo series frames framed wall art framing

Petite Grid

A four-frame same size square gallery layout.

Phone Photo Print Frame Picture Frames

Mini Grid

A nine-frame same size square gallery layout.

Our Bestselling Gallery Walls

Explore our best selling Gallery Walls and design a stunning arrangement of framed photos and hang it yourself in just a few minutes..

Wedding Gallery Wall mismatch photo frames picture frame


A five-frame mixed size square gallery layout.

First Look Wedding Triptych


A three-frame same size square gallery layout.

shifted gallery wall black frames

Shifted Grid

A four-frame mixed size square gallery layout.

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